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How i love you!

rad as rad can be


Name: Caeli
Age: 15
Location: federal way, washington
Gender: chick
Marital Status: SiNgLe
Astrological Sign: gemini


Abortions: abortions are just terrible. i mean unless you were raped you shouldn't have a reason to want one. if you dont want the baby there is such thing as adoption.
Gay Marrages: when i first heard about different states allowing gay marriages i wasn't very much for it. But, the more that i thought about it the more i thought how it would feel to be them and not have the same rights as everyone else did. so i think that gay marriages should legal in every state.
Drugs/Alcohal: Drugs are really nothing BUT trouble. and i think alcohal is also bad,unless your an adult and you are responsible with it.
Love: Love is a feeling thats hard to explain with just words.
Suicide: my brother used to be suicidal and it scared me so much that i didn't even want to look at him anymore. i dont suicide is right AT ALL because not only are you hurting yourself but your hurting people that love you.
Labels(such as preps, goths, geeks, losers...): Labeling is just stupid. you shouldnt judge a book by its cover. Labeling doesnt tell you who the person really is. It doesnt explain them on the inside. it only explains their appearance.


1. BLINK182
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. The Postal Service
4. Modest Mouse
5. Taking Back Sunday
1. pink
2. baby blue
3. green
1. The Sandlot
2.  The Goonies

3. Breakfast at Tiffany's
4. Now n Then

5. Dirty Dancing

1. yesh

2. yeaur                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3. sure

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