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rad as rad can be


Name: Mercedes Harvey-Eamon
Age: 14
Location: Des Moines, Washington
Gender: Female
Marital Status: single
Astrological Sign: gemini


Abortions: Im pro-choice, i think woman should be able to make they're own choice like if they were raped or was completely un ready to have a child.
Gay Marrages: Im all for gay marrages, if they love each other they should be able to be married! its not like they are aliens or something, gays are just the same as us they are human.
Drugs/Alcohal: i think if you want to screw up your body, hey no biggie its not mine. they are bad its not like they will help you in life. and they are a waste of time and money.
Love: i wish that i could be in love. im really waiting for that to happen.
Suicide: i think its wrong but then again everybody has there times when they think about it.
Labels(such as preps, goths, geeks, losers...): i think people shouldn't label its just evil.


1. tbs
2. led zepplin
3. motion city soundtrack
4. death cab for cutie
5. the early november
1. pink
2. black
3. green
1. the notebook
2. schindler's list
3. mean girls
4. sweet home alabama
5. black hawk down
1. rad
2. doul
3. RENEEISCOOL. (one word is my dictionary)

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